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Global Solutions

Tailor-made financial investment solutions,
based on technology

Customized services

Our company offers tailor-made solutions, through open architecture platforms and different custody jurisdictions, bearing an independent vision and looking for the best balance between flexibility and confidentiality.

Paullier & Cia Intl Casa de Valores, Panamá

In this case, the client not only has a brokerage contract with our firm, but he also keeps his assets under our custody, through an Investment Account in Panama, having privacy and security advantages offered by this jurisdiction.
Decree law # 1 of 1999 authorizes Brokerage Houses to offer investment accounts based on the indirect holding system and property rights on financial assets. This means that, assets held on our clients’ accounts are legally owned by those clients and that the intermediary is acting exclusively in a fiduciary way and that their funds are managed outside the company’s balance sheet.

Pershing, Bank of New York, USA

Our firm has a direct agreement with the brokerage branch of the renowned Bank of New York.

This way, the client has an access to our brokerage services and customized asset management services, being under the direct custody of Pershing, BNY, USA.

Pershing has USD 1 trillion in assets under management and The Bank of New York Mellon holds more than USD 25 trillion in assets/securities in custody, being the world’s largest Custodian Bank and the oldest banking corporation in the United States of America.


Paullier & Cia Intl is an External Asset Manager of UBP. We offer our clients the possibility of having a custody account at said bank, while keeping our advisory services and trading.

Union Bancaire Privée (UBP) was founded in 1969 by Edgar de Picciotto, whose vision was to offer investors an astute and innovative wealth management service.

In just a few decades, UBP has grown to be recognized as a stable, reliable and successful private bank, with an outstanding talent for entrepreneurship and vision.

On-line Trading

We offer several “self-trading” technology platforms, according to each investor’s sophistication and requirements.


Paullieronline is an investment platform that allows to trade shares and options at the main North American markets in real time, in a simple and practical way. It was created in 1999 and developed by Genexus, being the pioneer in the online brokers industry in the region.

Paullieronline allows its clients to connect their investment ideas with a reliable platform, where they will be able to manage their portfolio, without investment minimum limits, from their PC, tablet or Smartphone.


Paullieronline PRO is a platform that allows online trading of a wide spectrum of financial products, created for investors that wish to have access to sophisticated financial instruments.

Paullieronline PRO provides access to:

  • Margin trading
  • Short selling
  • US and non US market transactions
  • Future trading and future options trading
  • Options multi-strategies
  • Electronic trading on fixed-interest investments


Smart Saving is a product by Paullieronline that consists of a systematic investment savings plan. This system allows periodical investments of small amounts of money in an index, in this case SPY - SPDR S&P 500 ETF Trust (an ETF that tracks the performance of the Standard & Poor’s 500 index). Clients may buy shares on this ETF. Smart Saving is an intelligent way to save in the long term.